who i am?
I am creative, motivated and multifaceted graphic textile designer. Highly passionated about creating and developing new projects. I really enjoy experimenting with colors, textures, techniques, patterns and much more.
My experience as graphic textile designer has inculcated me an amount of knowledge in this field, giving me te opportunity to learn about fabrics, techniques, market trends, fashion brands, production, suppliers chain and other interesting things. 
Moreover, I like to express myself though arts and design and to incorporate that aspect into my own work.
My biggest strength lies in the fact that I can multitask at a given time under pressure to meet strict deadlines of the industry.
I consider myself a curious human being intrigued by the future, I like to closely follow trends and how it is reflected in society.
I will be happy to help you in your new projects. Text me if you have any doubts or questions.
Thank you  ◡̈
Thank you for contacting me,i will answer you as soon as possible :)kind regards,Alba sabina